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Beam Seating

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Beam Seating

High quality beam seating for commercial use can be a must-have, depending on your establishment. There are so many reasons you could choose to use beam seating in your business or establishment, and chances are, you’ve probably sat on beam seating yourself a few times. Beam seating makes your waiting area tidier, your whole establishment more efficient, saves space, and more. When you buy from Apex, you make sure your beam seating looks great too.

You’ll find beam style seating in many different places; a waiting room, medical office, school, hospitality businesses, business offices, and all kinds of reception areas. It is used by so many different establishments because beam seating is a convenient, cost effective option. If you’re considering using beam seating in your establishment, you will automatically make your business tidier and more efficient.

Purchasing Your Beam Seating From Apex

When you order from Apex, you can make sure you have the most aesthetic, heavy duty, cost effective beam seating around. You don’t have to worry about ugly beam seating messing up the look of your establishment, or low quality beam seating that breaks and just isn’t the right quality for people who use your establishment. You can find something to suit both your budget and style in the Apex collection.

Purchasing your beam seating from Apex is a wonderful choice for your establishment. Whether you want something fresh and modern, or something a little cheaper, you can find exactly what you’re looking for. You can purchase seating in rows of seating in 2, 3, 4, and 5, so you can ensure you have the perfect number of seats to suit your needs.

You don’t have to worry about your beam seating looking boring and outdated when you purchase from Apex either. You can find it in a number of colourways, including teal, red, light grey, and bright blue. You can also completely customise your choice so that it’s perfect. There’s something for every establishment and all tastes at Apex. In some cases, ensuring your furniture suits your brand is really important. Using beam seating for a business means it needs to match your brand colours and personality. That’s why Apex offer so many customisable options.

Cost Effective Beam Seating

You don’t have to pay through the nose for quality beam seating anymore. Cost effective beam seating is available at Apex, so you can make sure you control your budget in the best possible way. There are beam seating options available for several hundred dollars to just over 1000. Whichever option you go for, you can customise the beam seating how you like it to make it perfect for you. Buying multiple rows of beam seating from Apex means that you can get high quality seating without the premium price tag that you would expect elsewhere.

Customise Your Beam Seating

At Apex, you can completely customise your beam seating to suit your needs. You can select the number of seats, how many arm rests are included, the colours, and much more. You can also contact Apex if you’d like your seating to be custom upholstered for you. You can ensure that the beam seating suits not only your customers/guests/visitors/etc but your establishment too. The seats can blend in seamlessly and add to the look and feel of the place. Whatever you have in mind, Apex can bring your ideas to life.

Whichever option you select from Apex, you can rest assured that the manufacturer has created this item to the highest quality, and that it’s heavy duty enough to withstand use all day, every day. Only the highest quality materials are used to create these seats, so that they stand the test of time and you get value for money.

It’s highly unlikely that you’ll experience any problems, but if you do, you should contact Apex as quickly as possible, ideally within a few days. Apex will rectify your issue in the best and most effective way we possible can.

Call Apex To Discuss Your Needs

If you need further help or information, you can call Apex to discuss your needs today. If you order your beam seating now, you can expect it to leave the warehouse in 3-4 weeks. The seating comes with a 1 year warranty, so you can have total peace of mind.

The Best Beam Seating Available In Australia

Make sure you call Apex to get a quote today if you’re looking for furniture in Australia. Apex supply beam seating to establishments in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide. You won’t find better quality beam seating that adds to the aesthetic and functionality of your establishment anywhere else!