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Conference Chairs

13 Item(s)


13 Item(s)


Conference Chairs

Here at Apex, we’re experts in quality conference chairs, designed to meet all the professional needs of your organization. Our conference chairs are suitable for all sorts of events and venues, from hotels to auditoriums to business meetings. If you need the very best seating for your guests, then you’ve come to the right place.

Apex Conference Chairs Are The Highest Quality

When it comes to conference chairs, we never sacrifice on quality or safety. All our conference chairs and stackable conference chairs are manufactured the highest standards, ensuring not only that your guests are comfortable, but also that they are safe. Many of our chairs are constructed using durable and sturdy materials such as chrome and steel, ensuring not only high strength but longevity too. You can rest assured that when you buy a chair from us, it will last a long time. Our chairs are famously heavy-duty, providing you with excellent value.

Apex Conference Chairs Are Convenient

We know that our commercial customers want convenience. That’s why our conference chairs are imported from bespoke suppliers, providing you with a high degree of functionality. Many of the commercial quality conference chairs in our range are stackable, meaning that once the event has finished, you can quickly clear the area for its next intended use. Stackable chairs provide unparalleled convenience for commercial entities, especially for hospitality businesses or those that run regular events. We offer chairs that are suitable for outdoor as well as indoor use, providing you with a solution no matter what function or event you’re planning.

Not only that, but we also supply chairs with tablet arms - perfect for those functions where your guests have to take notes. And many of our chairs are lightweight, adding to their safety and reducing the risk of employee injury.

At Apex, We Love Stylish Design

Of course, as suppliers of chairs, we know that convenience isn’t the only consideration. Businesses want to be able to impress too - and the quality of the furniture at your disposal is an excellent way to do this. Here at Apex, we supply businesses all over Australia with industry-leading styling conference chairs in metro areas like Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, and Sydney. Our chairs are expertly designed helping you to create the best possible impression, no matter what your particular use. Our uplifting designs will help take you office, hotel or venue to the next level, providing an unrivaled aesthetic.

We Love Low Prices

We know that costs matter for commercial organizations and so keeping costs as low as possible is one of our top priorities. You’ll find our range of conference chairs competitively priced with many lines selling for less than $100. For those seeking the very best, we also offer high-quality conference chairs with beautiful upholstery and stackability.

We Offer Custom Designs Too!

Do you want a particular aesthetic for your organization? If so, you’re in luck. We offer custom conference chairs on a broad selection of our lines, allowing you to pick the precise colors you want, all from the comfort of your computer. On our conference chairs page, you can change the color of the upholstery to your preference, quickly and easily. Would red chairs be perfect for your event? Or would green do the trick?

We’re Committed To Our Customers

Are you a large customer planning a big event? If so, good news. We offer all sorts of perks and benefits to big clients, including things like reduced lead time, discount prices on bulk orders and faster ordering. No matter what event you’re running - be it a conference, function or outdoor event - we’re committed to delivering the very best seating possible. Throughout the process, we will work with you and our customer service team will be on hand to offer design consultation and project management advice. We take our business seriously and are constantly looking for ways to improve our client experience.

As an online store, we sell to all metro areas in Australia. If you wish, we can provide you with a written quote for your conference chairs. What’s more, we’re able to personalize all orders. Just give our sales team a call on 1300 950 750 and get a quote for the exact solution you need.

We started Apex to ensure that organizations across Australia gained access to the very best furniture possible. Since then, we’ve grown into the leading nationwide commercial furniture and equipment store. We’re constantly looking out for the latest styles and hottest conference chair trends, and it’s our passion that means that our customers come back to us time and time again.