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Gaming Stools

Commercial gaming stools that your customers will love

14 Item(s)


14 Item(s)


Commercial Quality Gaming Stools, Poker Stools, Casino Chairs and Seating

At Apex, we have the most assorted stool collection for our customers to enjoy.

We’ve been a huge supplier of bar stools to a range of commercial clients in Australia. As part of our catalogue, we also provide lots of commercial gaming stools. We’re one of the only companies to sell gaming stools in Brisbane and gaming stools in Sydney. To add to this, we’ve also been selling gaming stools in Melbourne for many years. We have the whole of the country covered when it comes to supplying these unique stools.

All of our gaming stools are suitable for various commercial locations. We can supply seating for casinos as well as other hospitality businesses with games in them. Our casino stools are very popular amongst companies looking for high-quality and comfortable seats. They come with fixed bases meaning they stay in the same place when you put them down. The majority of our stools also come with adjustable heights too. This means your customers can alter the height of the stool to suit them and make them more comfortable. Our gaming stools all come with foot rests at the bottom, which adds to the comfort even more. There are also many of them that swivel too, meaning your customers can turn them in a way that makes them feel more at ease. We understand that casinos will need seating that people can use for long periods. So, all of these stools are made using the finest materials. We have commercial gaming stools made from leather that offer cushioned support. All of them have backrests too, allowing your customers to sit back and relax.

Apex can also boast many gaming stools that are perfect in pubs and bars. If you have any gaming machines then you need suitable seating as regular bar stools won’t cut it. Our poker machine stools are the ideal solution as they’re made for gaming. They offer great support and high comfort levels for your customers. We’ve also got some gorgeous Pokie gaming stools that add some extra class to your establishment.

Gaming stools are incredible seating options and often include expensive materials to make them perfect. As such, many new stools can be expensive - but are well worth the investment. However, we understand that many small businesses aren’t in a position to make large investments just yet. So, we supply many used gaming stools that are still exceptional in their design and quality. They’re slightly cheaper and perfect if you’re furnishing an establishment on a budget.

At Apex we understand that commercial premises require various seating options. Our gaming stool range is just one example of the diverse furniture we offer. What’s more, many of our gaming stools have different colour options so you can pick one that goes with your design scheme. They’re all extremely high-quality designs, and you get a sense for that in the weight and feel of the stools. They’ll stay firmly in place and will last an unbelievably long time. If you own a gaming establishment or just have a few gaming machines in your bar, then you must acquire proper stools for your customers.

Commercial quality gaming stools

Poker machines are fun items to add to your establishment. Bars, pubs and clubs often use them to offer entertainment to their patrons. They can provide income for the venue, as well as fun for customers. However, it can sometimes be difficult to incorporate them into a venue. They may disrupt the design of the room and it can be hard to make them look better. One of the important things you can do is to choose chairs that are in keeping with the rest of the decor. You need stools that sit at the right height so that people can sit instead of having to stand. Normal chairs are too low, so you should look at stools for pubs.

Apex offers a range of pokie machine stools, which are just the right height. If you are adding pokie machines to your pub or bar, don't forget to check out the choices we have on offer. The stools in our collection are ideal for adding to almost any pub or bar. With their minimalist designs, they can fit into many different types of decor. They also come in a range of different colours. This allows pub and bar operators to choose a shade that works for their interiors. For example, our minimalist commercial bar stools come in nine colours. These include neutral shades, such as black, white, brown and taupe. However, there are also brighter hues available, including red and green.

You also have the option of selecting stools that are designed entirely for gaming. For example, there's the Gale Commercial Gaming Stool. This stool has a chrome foot ring, so the customer has somewhere to rest their feet. The swivel chair allows them to turn around for various purposes, whether it's to talk to friends or order a drink. The contemporary style fits in with any modern business. Of course, comfort is important too. Some people spend a long time sat on poker machine stools. They need to be comfortable so that they don't get up and find somewhere else to sit. Our pokie stools provide padded seats and backs for ultimate comfort. You can also select them without back rests for a simpler style.

All the Apex gaming stools online are made to last. They are built with durable frames and come with two-year warranties. They can withstand daily use, with people getting up and sitting down all the time. You can also select different heights for your stools, so you can ensure they are at the correct level. Our dedicated stools for gaming machines have a height of 680mm. For the bar stools, you can select 780mm high stools too.

Choose Apex as your wholesale suppliers of gaming stools. The choice of stools we have for sale helps you to set up a comfortable and stylish gaming area. Don't make your customers stand or sit on uncomfortable chairs when you can select our products. Whether you are in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Apex is the best choice for your pub or bar.