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Vertical Gardens

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3 Item(s)


Vertical Gardens

If you’re looking for something to add greenery and life to your commercial business in Australia, look no further than the vertical gardens from Apex. Apex is your go-to supplier of high quality commercial furniture and decor in Australia, selling only the most durable, built to last items available.

Choosing to incorporate beautiful vertical gardens into your business is going to have numerous beneficial effects on you, your staff, and your customers. Not only will they help to enhance your decor, they can also encourage positive feelings in the people who see them. Vertical gardens can be used for a modern office, hotel, restaurant, cafe, bar, pub, club, and any other kind of commercial venue that you can conceive of. Apex offer only the most aesthetic pieces of furniture and vertical gardens in Australia, so call to get a quote today.

Why You Should Get Your Own Vertical Garden From Apex

If you consider yourself a bit of a gardener or would like to encourage people to get more green fingered, these vertical gardens can encourage a gardener’s touch in your commercial establishment. The gorgeous screen of potted plants can go indoors or outdoors; wherever you feel they will look best. You can use as many of these beautiful vertical gardens as you like to create the look and finish you have in mind.

Selecting a vertical garden will no doubt improve the aesthetic of your commercial business, adding both life and colour. People on the premises will also benefit from the positive effects of the plants. Plants help to purify the air, and studies have shown that simply having a plant in the room can make a person healthier and happier. Imagine what having numerous plants in your business could do.

You could even use your vertical garden to create a feature wall. Feature walls are a wonderful addition to just about any building. They help to enhance the decor, draw the eye to a certain area, and add plenty of personality. If this is something you’d like to do, then a vertical garden from Apex will make a fabulous choice.

On top of all of the above benefits, a vertical garden can give you added privacy in a restaurant, cafe, or bar. Sometimes, it’s nice to separate spaces in your establishment without using anything too solid, such as a wall. Using a vertical garden to do this job will not only continue adding to the beauty of your establishment, it’ll ensure your customers feel safe and are free to enjoy private moments with their loved ones. It’ll also help to let the light flow freely around the room, avoiding unnecessary dull areas and shadows.

You can choose between black or white river stones with your vertical gardens, and each one comes with 20 terracotta pots. The look that a vertical garden adds to any establishment is just perfect for somewhere that is modern, fresh, minimalistic, quirky - you name it.

For convenience, the vertical gardens from Apex can be mounted to the wall or floor, depending on what you would prefer. These gardens are made from the highest quality materials, and built to last by manufacturers. No assembly is required, so you can mount your vertical gardens and enjoy the positive vibes that they add to your establishment right away.

A Cost Effective Commercial Garden Solution

Apex offer some of the most cost effective, commercial solutions available when it comes to the hospitality industry. You can also pre-order and save a substantial amount of money on your commercial furniture, including vertical gardens.

Each vertical garden comes with a 2 year warranty, so you can have total peace of mind when making a wholesale purchase. Rest assured that the vertical gardens are durable, and will last for years in your establishment.

Call Apex To Get A Quote Today

If you’re interested in incorporating a beautiful vertical garden into your business, then contact Apex to get a quote today. Not only can Apex advise you on what’s in stock and the deals available, you can also have orders custom-made to your requirements. If you have something in mind but you just can’t seem to find it on the website, make sure you get in touch with Apex to see what they can do for you.

For all of your custom commercial furniture needs in Australia, including vertical gardens, get in touch with Apex. If you’re in the Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, or Adelaide areas, Apex will deliver your order to you.