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Apex specialises in the design, manufacture and customisation high quality commercial furniture.

Apex was created to reinvent how furniture retail works. We import, design and create furniture with designer aesthetics at a competitive price point, without compromising on quality.

Apex Commercial Furniture has earned its reputation as a top designer and supplier of exceptional quality furniture for Australian customers. We sell commercial furniture in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and throughout Australia too. We aim to provide commercial quality furniture solutions for everyone at a price that's hard to beat. A look through our impressive stock of chairs, tables and stools will show you that we have unbeatable products that serve to impress.

Our range of chairs is vast and are useful across various industries. As well as commercial hospitality furniture we have chairs that can be used in offices, cafes, bars, restaurants, education or school environments. The style of chairs we provide is so diverse. We have vintage oak stools and vinyl chairs that will add to the interior design appeal of your establishment.

Chairs aren’t the only seated option we sell to our clients either. For those of you looking to add comfort to your business, we have lots of sofas + lounges. These come fully upholstered using fantastic fabrics that are exquisite to sit on. Perfect for a commercial setting where you need to sit guests for waiting time. Apex can also boast some vibrant and unique ottomans that are great in office settings. These quirky seats provide something different and can help reinforce your modern image.

To complement these chairs, we have some terrific tables for you to discover too. Our tables come fully fitted and in various designs. We supply restaurant and bar tables as well as outdoor cafe tables. These vary in size and can accommodate different amounts of people. If you want to create your own custom design, then feel free to purchase table tops and table bases separately. You can pick and choose the material, shape, colour and style of your tops and bases. Customise your table to suit your establishment and make your customers go crazy. Apex can also supply some of the top branded commercial furniture out there such as Prototype Furniture chairs and stools.

As well as all this amazing furniture we provide accessories for our customers. You can purchase quirky items like a vertical garden indoor plant system to boost the visuals of your setting. We have seat pads and cushions to turn the firmest of seats into a comfortable piece of furniture. There are loads of accessories for you to choose from to improve your furniture further.

At Apex we’ve been committed to selling hospitality furniture in Melbourne for many years. We’ve become a popular supplier of commercial hospitality furniture in Brisbane and beyond. We’re taking over Australia and can help you furnish your establishment. With a range of tables, chairs and sofas to choose from you’ll find everything you need. The best thing about our commercial furniture is that it doesn’t just improve the aesthetics of your business. All of the items we supply are strong, fantastically practical, and will last ages. Pour over our superb stock and start furnishing your establishment today.