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Solid Wood

Do not use any harsh chemical based cleaners on wooden products. Clean wooden furniture with mild non-alkaline soap and water.

Apply suitable outdoor timber oil to outdoor timber furniture as required.

Timber Table Tops

Our timber table tops are finished in a commercial grade lacquer. We recommend cleaning it with a damp cloth, mild soap and water. Do not use harsh chemical based cleaners as it will cause damage to the finish.

The finish is hard wearing and will last a long time. Overtime it will need a replacement coat, if the table is positioned in direct sunlight this will be needed earlier. At this point the table can be sanded back to bare timber and a commercial grade lacquer can be reapplied.


Keep fabric away from direct sunlight as this will prevent UV damage to your fabric. Use curtains or blinds to protect your furniture.

Vacuum all fabric surfaces and cushions regularly to remove dust and dirt by using an upholstery brush attachment.

Take special care when spraying household chemicals and products near upholstery. Applying non-commercial scented fabric fresheners, neutralisers and fabric protectors is never recommended.

Scotch guarding your upholstery will offer a higher level of protection, however please note that doing so may void any warranty. Ensure that the third party used for sealing offers their own warranty on their service.

Professional cleaning every 12 months is recommended. If your furniture is used every day, we recommend professional cleaning every 6 months.


Protect from direct sunlight.

Regularly dust with a clean, dry duster.

Clean with water, mild detergent and a sponge. Rinse and allow drying.

Use a soft nylon brush to remove stubborn dirt and grime.

Do not use vinyl protectants.

Do not use cleaning products containing bleach or abrasive materials.

Do not use products that may produce a chemical burn.


Apex does not warranty products for use under all circumstances. The warranty does not cover:

Damage caused as a result of incorrect assembly.

Misuse, neglect or abuse of the goods.

Damage caused from improper storage.

Minor cracks and scratches

Variations in paint over time including, discolouration, scratches, bubbling, fair wear and tear.

Any use of toxic cleaning products that are not specifically recommended for the product type.

Shipping and delivery costs

Fair wear and tear.

Non reported issues that have escalated from minor to major.

Transportation costs for goods picked up from store or warehouse.

We provide warranties subject to these terms:

(i) Apex at its discretion may repair or replace any goods to remedy any failure due to faulty workmanship or materials, provided that such goods may have acceptable variance (as determined by Apex).

(ii) the customer acknowledges that any warranty given in respect of plant and equipment is the warranty of the manufacturer of the goods and that Apex is not responsible for such warranties and gives no warranty of its own in respect of the said goods;

(iii) Apex, or its representatives, being given access to the goods for the purpose of inspection and rectification of any claim;

(iv) the customer not having repaired or undertaken to repair the goods without the prior authorisation of Apex nor altering the goods in any way;

(v) the customer having used and maintained the goods in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, their failure not being the result of incorrect or poor maintenance by the customer;

(vi) the customer having ensured reasonable, appropriate and acceptable use and maintenance;

(vii) the customer acknowledging that it has not relied upon any advice given by Apex, its agents, servants, representatives or employees in relation to the suitability for any purposes of the goods;

(viii) the customer agrees that all claims for warranties are decided at the sole discretion of Apex.