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Commercial Tables

Create the perfect setting with a table for every occasion

Commercial tables, cafe tables, high bar tables, outdoor tables and coffee tables

3 Item(s)


3 Item(s)



Apex is one of Australia's biggest supplier of commercial tables.

We have an incredible catalogue of designs and styles for you to choose from that no one else can compete with. We’ll help you furnish your commercial establishment with the most practical and beautiful tables around.

We offer a multitude of incredible tables that are designed perfectly for meeting rooms. These meeting tables come in various sizes, colours, and styles. We have chic rounded tables with white tops and black bases that will compliment a modern office interior. A lot of the designs can be customised to allow you to pick a colour scheme that suits your commercial establishment. As well as rounded meeting tables we also have square and rectangle ones that can seat numerous people. Aside from being stunning, a lot of our tables are practical too. They can be folded and wheeled away to create space when not need. These flip top + folding tables are particularly popular amongst clients with limited office space.

In addition to these tables, we also have a variety of hospitality tables that are great in different settings. One thing we pride ourselves on is the ability to deliver a diverse service. As such, we have tables that come in many different heights. We’ve got coffee tables that are extremely low down and ideal in a cafe when complemented with one of our luxury sofas. At the other end of the scale, we have counter height tables that are more elevated and perfect for seating multiple customers at the same time. These are often very popular in bars, cafes, and restaurants.

Apex can also offer a plethora of tables that are ideal for specific establishments. We have restaurant tables that can seat different numbers of guests. Our cafe tables are extremely popular thanks to their versatility. We have many that can be used in both modern and vintage establishments. Along with this, we can also boast some beautiful bar tables that are great in any bar setting. The different designs and styles will suit hotel bars, regular bars, sports bars; you name it. They make the perfect accompaniment for any of our lovely bar stools too.

As well as supplying a range of gorgeous indoor tables we also have outdoor tables available for purchase too. Much like our indoor range these tables are stunning and practical. They’re also weather-resistant meaning you don’t have to worry about bringing them in when dark clouds are afoot. Proper outdoor tables are a must for any commercial establishment with exterior seating areas. Make sure you pair these out with outdoor chairs as well.

Our table designs are all high-quality and extremely durable. We realise that durability and longevity are key in the hospitality business. When you purchase tables, you’re investing in a product that will repeatedly be used. Consequently, we only sell the finest and most robust items to our customers. This ensures that they last the test of time and can deal with any bumps and bruises your customers may dish out.