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Commercial Bar Stools, Kitchen Stools and Dining Stools

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1 Item(s)


Commercial Quality Bar Stools, Kitchen Stools, Counter Stools, Dining Stools and Low Stools

Here at Apex, we’ve got a broad range of bar stools stools and kitchen stools that are designed for commercial use, that will also look great in your home.

There are times when chairs aren’t suitable, and you need something different for your customers to sit on. Regardless of what commercial establishment you own, we’ve got an unbelievable catalogue of styles for you to choose from. You’re certain to find a stool that fits your needs and makes your establishment even better than it already is.

For many businesses in the hospitality business, we’ve got a plethora of bar stools for sales. These stools are perfect if you have a bar area or counter height tables for guests to sit at. They come in different heights so you can find one that suits the specific height of your bar counter or tables. What’s more, we have so many different designs for you to pick from as well. Apex has industrial bar stools, Bentwood bar stools and a whole host of other options. We’ve got traditional looking stools and stools with backs and arms that look like tall chairs. Our metal and industrial stools can usually be found in a typical bar setting. They’re highly popular thanks to their amazing durability and lightweight design. This makes them easy to pick up and rearrange as well as being strong enough to last a long time. These metal and industrial stools are also popular as they come in a diversity of designs and colours.

We also have some gorgeous wooden stools that suit so many different venues and commercial establishments. They’re perfect for bars, hotels, restaurants; you name it. Only the finest wood is used to create these stools ensuring your product is of the highest standard possible. Apex can also offer a variety of upholstered wooden stools that add extra comfort for your guests. These bar stools come with soft touch seat pads that act as an effective cushion, meaning your guests can sit on them for longer. These are ideal in establishments with high counter tables that sit customers while they eat for long periods. For companies with outdoor areas like a beer garden, you must check out our outdoor stools. They’re similar to our indoor range but with the added benefit of being suitable for outdoor use.

As well as all of our traditional kitchen stools we’ve got a range of low dining stools too. These make the ideal replacement for chairs and are perfect for any restaurant, cafe or bar table. They come with rounded or rectangular seats, and many can also be stacked. We’ve got metal, wooden, and even some quirky plastic cupcake stools too. The benefit of low stools is that they don’t take up as much space meaning you can fit more of them around a table.

Apex is also one of the only stool suppliers to stock gaming stools too. These are high-quality stools made with the finest materials for exquisite comfort. Absolutely perfect if you have arcade games in your establishment.

We take lots of different stools and bring them all into one place. Our diverse range is all available to bulk order, and we ship throughout Australia.