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Finance Options

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We offer a range of convenient finance options for the purchase, replacement or upgrade of furniture and equipment in your business.


    What is it?

  • With Silver Chef, you can replace old machinery and appliances with new equipment. This will be useful if you have a piece of kit that keeps breaking down completely disrupting your service. If that happens if you could waken the position of your business and cause issues for your customers and clients. Using Silver Chef, you can easily get a replacement or an upgrade.

  • How does it work?

  • The service offered here was designed with hospitality owners in mind. With Silver Chef, you can get the equipment you need without needing to worry about the expense. Rather than buying the equipment outright, you can rent it on a twelve month basis.
  • During this time, you will be able to upgrade your equipment or purchase the equipment a receive a 75% rebate on any charges that you have already saved. With this service, if you do choose to buy you can make a lot of the money back that you spent renting.

  • What happens after the lease expires?

  • Once the 12 month period has ended, you’ll have a number of options to choose from. You can continue renting the equipment while cost steadily decreases. Or, you can work towards buying it with a thirty percent cut in the weekly costs that you’ll need to pay. Eventually, you will fully own the equipment that you now know and trust. Alternatively, you can leave the rent agreement simply by cancelling your contract.
  • On Silver Chef, it’s easy to get the equipment you need when expanding your business. You won’t have to wait, and you can avoid paying heavy expenses straight off the bat.


    What is it?

  • With this finance possibility, you get the same advantages of Silver Chef. You can upgrade your business equipment from ovens to fridges without using money that your business needs. By doing this, you can help your company grow and keep your cash flow intact. Businesses often worry about how much keeping up with the latest changes in tech will cost. With this solution, you can put that worry behind you.

  • How does it work?

  • Flexi Commercial Options offer a range of different contracts durations from 24 to 60 months. Due to their scope, they are useful for upgrading larger and more expensive equipment. Everything from ice cream machines and commercial washers can be purchased on these contracts to make sure your business has everything that you need.
  • You can even purchase a number of different pieces of equipment and bundle them into one easy monthly payment. If you reach a point where you can afford to buy the equipment, this is an option that is available at no extra cost to you!

  • What happens after the lease expires?

  • Using this service you’ll be able to access brilliant rates, keep your cash flow healthy and examine fantastic end of term offers once your contract ends. With Flexi Commercial you can build your business up to the size that you want it to be. You will be able to grow your company without having to worry about the problem of expensive bills that need to be paid straight away.