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Table Tops

We can custom manufacture your oak, recycled, and outdoor table tops in any size and with any style finish. Ask us for a quote.

Commercial Table Tops

4 Item(s)


4 Item(s)


Quality table tops including solid timber, oak, recycled, hardwood, resin and more

At Apex Furniture, we supply custom table tops for cafes, restaurants, hotels, offices, bars and commercial venues

Apex is one of the top manufacturers and sellers of table tops in the whole of Australia. We boast a full range of table tops made from different materials and perfect for different customers. One of our best sellers are the classic timber table tops. They’re manufactured by hand out of the finest quality timber money can be. This gives them a sleek and elegant look that will upgrade the interior design of any establishment. Apex also manufactures and sells recycled timber table tops as well. These designs are just as beautiful as the standard issue but with the added benefit of being recycled. Perfect for improving the image of your restaurant, bar or cafe.

To go alongside our tremendous timber tops, we sell some gorgeous oak table tops too. Made using high-quality oak wood and crafted by hand these give off a stunning look. They can be used to create a rustic feel when paired with some wooden table legs or bases. However, when used to complement more modern table bases they give off a real classy and contemporary feel. We produce a range of custom wood table tops that can be crafted to your personal designs. Choose the type of wood you want and the size of the table too. This level of customization helps you create a table top that will suit your establishment perfectly.

As well as wood table tops we also sell ones made from different materials too. Our resin table tops are extremely popular in this day and age. They’re extremely cost effective and perfect if you have a large establishment to furnish. What's more, they come in both square and oval shapes and can be used indoors and outdoors. You can customize them by choosing from a whole host of colors that will ensure your table tops match the rest of your venue.

For a modern look, our stainless steel table tops are a real winner. They’re simply stunning and will light up any room they’re placed in. Perfect when accompanied by stainless steel table bases for a shiny and sleek look that’s ideal for a modern cafe. Apex also supplies a range of beautiful compact laminate table tops that look perfect anywhere. Their compact design makes them easy to move, and they’re lightweight too. If you want something that’s unique and will get the customer's talking then our stone table tops may be for you. These sublime stone designs look sensational when coupled with cast iron table bases.

Amongst all these alluring designs we also sell industry specific cafe & restaurant table tops. This range includes table tops that are specifically designed and crafted for these establishments. All of our table tops are made of the strongest and most resistant materials so that they last as long as possible. While many are for indoor use, there are also a select number of outdoor table tops on display too. Apex’s diverse array of table tops is second to none and a must for anyone looking to construct a table. Choose from any of our exquisite designs to give your establishment a real boost.