The Grounds of Alexandria

The interior of The Grounds of Alexandria reflects its industrial history as a former warehouse and pie factory. However, rather than being dark and dusty, the 1920s building has been transformed into a bright and open space, which has gained attention for its eye-catching design, among other things. The venue is a cafe, restaurant, artisan bakery and coffee roasting facility, but manages to bring all of these things together into one coherent design. It features an outdoor space and even an urban kitchen garden and small animal farm, with both the interiors and design outside reflecting the “seed to cup” philosophy of the business.

Industrial Style

The interior design at The Grounds is inspired by the venue’s industrial history. As a former warehouse and factory, the industrial style is an ideal way to acknowledge the building’s routes while simultaneously bringing it up to date. The interiors feature blackened steel frames and repurposed shipping containers, alongside bespoke wooden cabinets and and polished subway tiles. The industrial elements are softened by the presence of more refined features, including leather benches and plenty of greenery. The combination of industrial and rustic design was shortlisted for the hospitality category of the IDEA interior awards after its opening in 2012.


The industrial feel of The Grounds helps to protect the heritage of the original site and of traditional organic industries. Although the look has a contemporary feel overall, elements such as exposed brickwork and exposed light bulbs, as well as a polished concrete floor and wooden beam in the roof, hark back to the building’s past. Other vintage touches, which are also very much in line with today’s trends, include pendant lights, tiled tables and more rustic wooden tables with dark accents.

Sustainable Outlook

The Grounds has a sustainable outlook, which you can easily see reflected in both the interior and the exterior of the business. Plants and greenery sit in pots on the tables, behind the counter, and even in baskets hanging from the ceiling. Outside, a kitchen garden offers a brilliantly green space in the middle of an urban environment and emphasises the cafe and restaurant’s commitment to offering a local and sustainable menu. Indoors, the space is also open and airy, which helps to give it a natural feeling. Even if customers don’t choose to sit outside, they can feel like they are, thanks to all the light and open space.

Courtyard Space

The interior also stretches out into a courtyard space, which has also been designed with care and attention. The outdoor space provides covered seating, with more plants and greenery, as well as attractive lights and a continuation of the rustic theme. It offers a casual place to sit and enjoy the sunshine under shelter.

The Grounds of Alexandria is more than just a cafe. For the last five years, it has served as many things to the local community and offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere to everyone. The industrial style blends well with the organic concept to create a mix of old and new.


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