M&G Cafe and Bar by Luchetti Krelle

Fine décor and good food marry more than happily M&G Café and Bar. The café of The Star Gold Coast at Broadbeach, the M&G takes the convenience and industrial approach to non-stop service that makes it suited to even the busiest of days as a café and bar, but with a different tint. Award-winning, world-famous architecture and design team Luchetti Krelle have elevated the spot, and café dining along with it, with a sleek, naturalistic approach.

Built for purpose

The first glance of the M&G is one that makes it look perfectly fit for a busy casino’s clientele. With sleek, rounded counter, rows of tables and booths, it might look like it’s designed purely for practicality, but the immediately noticeable detail makes it clear that it adds a touch of refinement for the café experience.

Devil in the details

That raw aspect of the layout is very soon balanced with a sophisticated approach using fine natural materials that add a lot more depth than you will see in the average café. Earthy timber finishes and beautiful textured stone bring it out the classic Parisian Bistro theme, helped in large part by true Parisian-style French chairs that contrast the more modern, comfort-driven options. Mood is set with under-lighting for the counters and bars, but it doesn’t stay firmly in the past, either.

Old but new

The bar is kept bright and lively thanks to the contemporary, metal-framed figures above, lending to the curve of stylish wooden wall panels, but giving an overall impression of fresh dining with only the best elements of Parisian design borrowed for a modern café experience. It doesn’t make the mistake that other cafes will of crowding it with so many fixtures that it feels cramped, but rather helps things breathe with the right use of lighting and beautiful mirrors that help open it up while their distinct profile still lends an authenticity to the period style.

A deeper palette

Those panels lend to a rich palette of warm colours, with deep, dark teals and maroon leathers creating an assertive space that stops shy of being abrasive. It’s all softened up some by the pale gold of lighting framing mirrors that offer a spacious, modern feel to an otherwise vintage location. Not to mention the calming blue of the bar and café counter that makes the centrepiece of the interior. That centre also serves to offer each table a little space. So, while you can enjoy the stylish yet lively atmosphere of an open area and friendly staff, you don’t feel like you’re stuffed in amongst all the other patrons.

The M&G is more than just a happy blend between café and bar. It’s a blend of blends. Here, the old meets the contemporary. The sleek and minimalistic meet the lush and comfortable. The natural meets the man-made. Luchetti Krelle could have gone over the line on any one of these aspects, but they’ve found a distinct balance that’s hard to deny. Overall, it makes both the perfect scene for either a quiet morning bite or a lively afternoon amongst the other patrons. Fitting the setting of The Star Gold Coast casino, it’s built to deliver whatever you want at the time you want it.


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