Feast of Merit – Richmonds Best Kept Secret

Richmond is known for its broad array of funky restaurants and beautiful bars. In and amongst all the famous hotspots, there are smaller places that drift under the radar. Feast of Merit is definitely one of these restaurants that don’t get the recognition it deserves. Few know about it, but those that do will tell you it’s Richmond’s best kept secret.

Renovating A Rundown Cafe

Before the inception of Feast of Merit, there was nothing in this space other than a rundown cafe. Then, a charity called YGAP came along with a vision; to renovate this empty space and turn it into a restaurant that showcased everything their charity stands for. This is reflected in the interior design which is a unique blend of rustic and contemporary. The furniture all looks reused and recycled, with distressed patterns on many of the chairs and tables. Having said that, the overall look of the place is quite modern and quirky. The colours are all fairly bright modern colours, with stunning white tiles at the counter, and low hanging lighting.

Thought-Provoking Exterior Design

The whole purpose of this restaurant is to help other people out. All the proceeds go to charity, and the place itself is named after a charitable feast. This is indicated on the outside of the building where there’s an incredible mural painted on the wall. It’s a magnificent work of art depicting three people from Nagaland – an area of India. This is accompanied by a written description that details how the rich people of Naga would host a feast for all those with less money than them; a feast of merit. It’s an interesting way of explaining the thought process behind the restaurant while creating a truly unique design that can’t be missed. Feast of Merit is a unique concept, so it deserves a design like this that really stands out.

Industrial Stool Stackable Metal with Wooden Seat featured in Feast of Merit.

Quirky Interior Design

While the overall design of the restaurant is a blend of modern styles with rustic furniture, there’s no denying how quirky and hipster it is. There are peace sign cushions on bench seats, different chairs that all juxtapose one another, and black chalkboards with lots of writing on them. This all comes together to give a laid back feeling to the place.

No 18 Bentwood Chair by Michael Thonet featured in Feast of Merit.

A Tale Of Two Halves

The longer you spend in here, the more you notice a clear difference in how two areas of the restaurant are designed. The counter and kitchen area looks incredibly clean and sleek; it’s by far the most modern part of the place. Then, the dining area is far more rustic, with the old looking furniture and what not. It’s incredibly clever as it signifies the Naga feast of merit spoken about earlier. You’ve got the modern and rustic areas signifying the rich and poor from the Naga story. The restaurant showcases how you can have divisions, but they can still come together as one.

All in all, this is one of the most curious places in all of Richmond. It’s uniquely designed and full of quirky delights. The mural on the outside will catch your attention, and the comfy atmosphere inside will make you stay.



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