Stylish Revamp by Hassell of the Ovolo Hotel

Woolloomooloo is certainly a suburb that attracts a lot of attention – mainly for the quirky name. It’s also home to Finger Wharf, an iconic location in this part of the country. Redevelopments have been taking place for some time to transform the wharf into something more appealing and relevant to the current generation. Step forward the new Ovolo Hotel, which incorporates incredible interior design that stands out and gets everyone’s attention.

Interior Design From The Guests

There’s an unbelievable uniqueness to the interior design of this hotel, it’s unlike anything you’ve seen before. Everything is fabulously vibrant and so ‘out there.’ It’s almost like every single piece of brightly coloured furniture is screaming out for your attention. There’s so much energy and buzz in this place, it feels alive when you walk in, you can sense the electricity in the air.

This effect is all down to the fact that the design team called upon the guests for their input. They wanted to create a hotel in their guest’s image, to help appeal to the younger generation. On first glance, it’s clearly worked. All this energy and colour gives a really youthful appeal. You can’t imagine your nan and grandad staying here for a few nights.

Quirky And Diverse

The first thing that comes to your mind when viewing the Ovolo Hotel in Woolloomooloo is quirky. You can’t find a better word to describe how it looks, they’ve made an effort to distinguish it from any other hotels in the area. There’s also a clear emphasis on diversity in this space. A quick walk through the lobby will show you about a hundred different colours and various little seating areas. There are quiet areas for business talks, more open and bright areas for friends to congregate, and relaxed sofas to chill on. All of this is used to signify the coming together of a community. The hotel is an accurate representation of Woolloomooloo in general; awash with different cultures, tastes, and people.

A Bold Take On Modern Design

Ovolo Hotel was built in a large industrial space and steps have been made to retain some of that old heritage. You see it in the way they haven’t adjusted the building’s structure, if you look up inside the lobby you’ll see the industrial rounded ceiling. However, they’ve complemented this with a bold take on modern design. No subtlety has been used here, if you think about all the key elements of contemporary interior design, you’ll find them here. There are loads of bright colours – especially white – quirky furniture, patterned flooring, artwork on the walls – the list goes on. This bold use of modern design makes you know you’re in a brand new hotel that’s aiming to create a new concept.

You’ll struggle to find any hotel in Sydney that’s anything like the Ovolo Hotel Woolloomooloo. The interior design takes quirky to new heights, you really feel the buzz in the air. It’s a hotel that encompasses everything about the surrounding area. Woolloomooloo is becoming a very modern and youthful hotspot in Sydney, and this hotel will go a long way to cementing that image.



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