Fratelli Fresh – Darling Harbour

Fratelli Fresh, an exciting and popular Italian food venue has a brand new location, right on Darling Harbour. The popular area is the perfect match for the fun, cheery venue that allows customers to choose from a variety of delicious Italian meals from pizzas and pasta to rotisserie-roasted meats and gelato.

Our Sales Consultant Ainona Manu worked on this project, bringing the style and design to life, ensuring that it matched perfectly with what this venue has to offer.

The new location is absolutely massive, able to seat 550 people and provides takeaway choices as well. Of course, this means that the area is divided into sections with a food emporium, a Campari bar, a gelato bar, a fresh pasta bar and much more. While some areas are contemporary and chic others, have a more traditional or vintage feel. It’s an eclectic combination that really brings the interior to life and gives each space around the venue a unique character of its own. There is even a full beer and wine garden that is able to seat 150 people, designed to be a friendly, relaxing, cool space.

Each area has a unique quality. For instance, the Campari bar has a eye-catching lit up sign that is both bold and welcoming. The furniture here is simple and minimalistic, contrasting with the rustic style of the bar itself. Complimenting the bar, there are classic, french industrial bar stools that add a dash of elegance.

In another space, there’s a brilliant blend of modern steel tables adjacent to the larger rustic wenge tables. It’s this type of contrast that makes the space particularly exciting and attractive for customers. Particularly when mixed with other unique accessories from the table umbrellas to the red and white striped coverings hanging from the ceiling. In another space a gorgeous marble bar has been added, for a sleek seating area at the side of the venue. Even the chairs have been carefully selected with genuine bentwood seating, designed by Michael Thonet.

Ultimately, each area of this venue feels completely fresh new and exciting, almost like stepping between different restaurants while getting the same quality food and service. The use of real plants as decorations also brings the space alive and helps the entire area feel vibrant.

This is the second location we have worked on with this client, and their aim was to bring in tourists as customers. Each area of the venue has big, bold signs, guaranteed to get the attention of new customers and make them feel completely welcome. While the grey and white tiled flooring keeps the venue, simple and chic, allowing the stylish furniture to stand out.

We are delighted with how this location turned out and are sure it will be a great success.


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