Foodoo Coffee Lounge – The Ultimate Cafe Experience

The café is one of the few places of sanctuary, peace, and relaxation in increasingly busy urban environments. Foodoo Coffee Lounge represents the very best of what a café has to offer. We’re going to take a look at how the style and design of this café help create an environment that lets customers relax, unwind, and enjoy a hot drink or a bite to eat away from the hustle and bustle of the world outside.

Warm and welcoming

The café doesn’t need to be attention grabbing or overly stylized to capture attention, like a restaurant might. Instead, Foodoo takes an understated, warmed, and traditional approach to colour to create a space that’s safe and welcoming. Golden browns, clean finishes, and warm lighting help create an atmosphere that’s unassuming, unpretentious, and simplistic in its appeal. Customers aren’t distracted, and design doesn’t detract.

Classy and contemporary

That’s not to say that Foodoo Coffee Lounge is without style. The design of this café keeps things neat and clean. Neat lines keep furniture minimal, while glossy finishes to natural wood tones ensure that the environment always feels clean and comfortable enough to provide a welcoming space to sit down and enjoy your food. The sense of space the layout creates invites customers to relax without feeling too cluttered or closed in, instead. A broad, open space marks the middle of the café, while transparent partitions and ceiling height mirrors ensure that the whole coffee lounge feels spacious, airy, and allows light maximum room to travel. Banishing dark corners and opening up the air ensures that the café never feels too crowded or dingy.

Comfort made crucial

The sense of light and warmth isn’t the only step taken to ensure that customers feel comfortable enough to enjoy their meal or drink in peace. A variety of different size tables with minimal bulky design elements means that parties of all sizes can be seated comfortable and flexibly. The choice of black, contemporary low-backed seats ensures that customers can lounge and relax without feeling hemmed in by the furniture on offer, too.

Service with a smile

The eating environment is just one of the parts of the café that dictates how comfortable and welcoming it feels. The service and reception area is the other key component. The customer’s path to service is made clear and welcoming with a white tiled counter that catches the eye and guides with little issue. Chic, boxy overhead storage decorated with a splash of green plants helps create a natural-looking environment that refreshes and welcomes. The reception area still maintains those warm, contemporary tones and angles, however, so while it captures the eye, it doesn’t interrupt the flow of the space.

Foodoo Coffee Lounge is just one example of how Apex Furniture can be used to create a commercial landscape that helps your customers forget the outside world and sink into an environment of your own creation.

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