Bowling Club Bistro Revamp – Bistro on the Greens

A bowling green isn’t where you expect to find one of Sydney’s hottest bistros, and yet here we are! Down at South Coogee Bowls Club, you’ll find a new rejuvenated and refurbished bar/restaurant called Bistro on the Greens. The designers have worked their socks off to turn this place into an establishment where people want to go. It’s gorgeously designed, featuring a whole range of fantastic little features that take it to new levels.

Green In Name And Nature

Bistro on the Greens is a smart name given that the restaurant is actually overlooking a bowling green. But, it’s green in nature too, with plenty of luscious plants hanging from the ceiling to create a wonderful effect. The green vines make the area feel fresher, and they’re perfectly contrasted against the white wallpaper. Overall, it makes the restaurant feel very clean and modern. You’ll also find some cute green cushions on the bench seating areas in the bistro too. They help complement the vines even more, accentuating their effect.

Rustic Cross Back Chairs featured in Bistro on the Greens.

All Things Bright And Beautiful

It’s clear that the designers wanted to redevelop this place and turn it into something bright and colourful. That’s reflected in the lighting and all the different colours on display. We’ve already mentioned the lime green dotted around the place, but there’s also light blues, an almost lilac-grey floor, pale wooden benches and delicate white chairs. All these bright colours are given a new lease of life from the lighting of the area too. The windows are massive, giving you a perfect view out onto the bowling green. This brings in lots of natural light, ensuring the restaurant feels bright and beautiful all through the day.  

A Contemporary Style

Everything about this bistro screams contemporary interior design. Even the salt shakers are impeccably modern with their shiny metal gloss as they sit atop the smooth hardwood tables. The furniture is all crisp and modern too, with a variety of different tables and chairs for guests to sit on. There are high, bar stool chairs with thin metal legs that look like long stiletto heels. There’s a sharpness to the place; everything looks like it fits a purpose and is brand new.

Relaxed Dining Atmosphere

When all the individual elements of interior design are combined, it creates a very relaxed atmosphere for diners. The bistro is chilled out; you won’t find noisy children here or rowdy party animals. It’s perfectly reflective of its setting; a bowling green near the beach. You can hear the sound of seagulls and the light waves crashing from the beach below. You feel like you’re eating in a bistro that was made for this specific location and would stick out anywhere else.

South Coogee Bowls Club paid a lot of money to complete all these major renovations, but it certainly seems like a great investment. Bistro on the Greens is a new and exciting place to grab a bite to eat or enjoy a quick afternoon drink. It makes you feel happy and content as you sit in the brightly illuminated area admiring the green vines hanging from the ceiling. A great addition to Sydney’s growing food & drink scene.


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