Guito’s Scandinavian Design Restaurant in Madrid

Nestled on the outskirts of Madrid you will find the sumptuous Guito’s Restaurant. It’s a smart and stylish setting that blends Spanish treats with Scandinavian design. There’s a lot to enjoy here, and plenty to take in. While it may only be four years old, Guito’s is already establishing itself as a must-visit place in the Spanish capital.

Straight From The Heart Of Sweden

You can walk into a handful of Spanish restaurants, and they’d all look the same to you. However, this one is a little different as it calls upon some home comforts from the heart of Sweden. The head chef comes from here, and he’s worked hard to incorporate traditional Scandinavian design into his restaurant. It feels like you’re walking into an IKEA showroom with all their best products on display. One of the standout features of interior design from this part of the world is the way they turn simple furniture into more stylish designs. You see this in full effect here with the beautiful Scandinavian chairs throughout the restaurant. There are super thin stools that look like tall mushrooms, wooden chairs with unique curves and backrests, and more comfortable soft seating too. They all fit the place perfectly, and they all probably came flat packed too!

A Very Nordic Interior

Aside from the typical Scandinavian furniture, you’ve also got a very Nordic influence on the rest of the interior design. The ceiling is awash with wooden rafters, and there’s a combination of wood and brick on the walls. If it weren’t for all the people speaking fluent Spanish, you’d think you were in a restaurant in the centre of Stockholm. The whole idea of Scandinavian and Nordic design is to make simple things look and feel more fancy and elegant. This is the exact feeling you get in this restaurant. It doesn’t feel like some crazily fancy establishment where you have to wear your smartest clothes, but there’s certainly an air of class in the atmosphere.

Full Of Warm Tones

The tone of the restaurant is easy to feel from the moment you walk inside. Even by looking at pictures you get a real sense of how the place feels. There are warm tones throughout, it’s designed to be very cosy and homely. There are low-hanging ceiling lights which are another Scandinavian favourite, but they’re fitted with dim bulbs to create a nice glow that’s not too overpowering. Combine these lights with the general colour scheme of the restaurant, and you have a warm feeling. The furniture is mainly dark and light browns, which only serves to accentuate the dim glow of the lights.

Guito’s Restaurant is far from your traditional Madrid eatery. Gone are the attempts to replicate typical Spanish design, opting in favour of the Scandinavian approach instead. The head chef has clearly taken inspiration from his homeland, and the overall effect is a breath of fresh air. A stylish interior design gives this place a really modern look and feel that creates a perfectly chilled out atmosphere for all diners.


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