How to Screw into Compact Laminate Tops (Don’t)

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We can a lot of questions from customers asking how to drill or screw into compact laminate. We advise against this for the following reasons:
  1. Compact laminate is too thin – at 10-12mm thickness, the table tops are too fragile for a drill.
  2. The screws will spin out – When drilling, the screws won’t grip to the table top. You won’t get enough purchase to get a proper grip.
  3. Compact laminate is extremely dense and brittle – it is too difficult for even a professional to drill into successfully.
  4. Can’t be unassembled. Silicon based glues can be replaced – you just need to cut the glue with a sharp blade.
So how do you screw into compact laminate? We highly recommend that you don’t, and use a commercial grade silicone based adhesive such as this one:

How to Glue into Compact Laminate Table Tops

To glue into compact laminate, use Bostik Xtreme Seal & Fix – a high performance, flexible sealant and high strength adhesive in one.


  • Bonds and seals just about anything to everything, including wet surfaces
  • Commercial grade bond strength
  • Permanent flexible seal
  • Waterproof when fully cured



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