Parisian Rattan Cafe Chairs at the Royal Hotel Rooftop Bar

The Royal Hotel has fast become a hotspot in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. It’s a pub with grand traditions and has been a local favourite for many years. People from all walks of life enjoy their time here, whether it’s stopping off for a pint at the end of a long day, or settling in for a night of cocktails with friends. It has so much to offer, from live sports on the TV to quieter areas that can be booked out for business events and parties.

An Infamous Rooftop Bar

Amongst all the home comforts of the main pub, the Royal Hotel is host to one of the most infamous rooftop bars in all of Paddington. It’s become an iconic location on the fourth floor of the building, offering some of the best views of the surrounding area.

When you open the door, you’re greeted with a stunning setting for a sunny afternoon of drinks, fun, and laughter. The decor is a perfect example of simple contemporary style. You aren’t overwhelmed with different colours all shouting out at you. Everything is subtle, from the light brown floorboards to the blueish grey table tops; it all fits together so well.

Refreshing The Style

The standout feature of the Royal Hotel Rooftop Bar has to be the addition of Parisian Rattan Cafe Chairs. These delightful pieces of furniture add a whole new dimension to the scene. Before these are introduced, you’re looking at a typical quirky rooftop space. Now, there’s an extra element of class here, you feel like you’re sitting in a cafe on the street corner of Paris.

These cafe chairs are splendidly designed using very pale brown wicker that’s been bent to give round, smooth, edges. It’s complemented with a black and white zebra-style seat and back, to give off a unique style. This pattern makes the chairs stand out and really come alive in the small rooftop setting.


Around the outside of the space, you have a long bench seating area with black leather seat cushions and soft black pillows. This helps create the relaxed party atmosphere that this rooftop bar is famous for.

The Perfect Place For Cocktails

The style of this rooftop bar is reflected in the type of people usually found here. It’s very much home to youthful people looking to have a fun time and relax in the sun all day sipping cocktails. With the jazzy Parisian Rattan Outdoor Cafe Chairs, the comfortable bench seats, and an open rooftop view of Sydney, it’s the perfect setting to do just that.

Beautiful In The Day And Night

The Royal Hotel in Paddington is stunning during the day with the sunlight bouncing off it, but it’s equally gorgeous when the sun goes down. Evenings are lit by dainty little fairy lights that are hung over the seating area. With their subtle glow, you have the ideal mood lighting for an evening of drinks and laughter with your mates.


The Royal Hotel has been a fixture in Sydney for quite some time, but the rooftop bar is changing the perception of the place for the better. It’s no longer just another local pub, it’s a modern setting with a contemporary design that makes everyday feel like a party.


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