Old City Kitchen & Bar

A mix of cultures and an interest in recreating them all faithfully is what makes Old City Kitchen & Bar stand out from the rest. In particular, the city of Jerusalem is the main influence on the restaurant’s overall design. When a restaurant has a theme like this, it can really pick it up and run with it. And that’s exactly what Old City Kitchen & Bar is able to do. It’s the kind of place that transports you to another location, not only through its food, but through its design too. It’s rare for this to be done well, but it succeeds here.

Style & Design

Wood is used on the wall and for the Rustic Cross Back Chairs, but the metal frames provide a cooler and sleeker finish. Surprise patterns pop up and break up the blocks of wood, producing a nice corrective and a bit more colour. 

The large tables make it easy for groups of people to get together and share a good time with one another. There are no barriers, and the restaurant really does make it feel like a family setting with people coming together to share great food. The simplicity of the space also plays to its advantage. It doesn’t need to be fussy or cluttered to deliver the appearance and atmosphere the designers and owners so clearly wanted to convey.

Anyone wanting to eat at a restaurant that also offers the potential for a social experience should try Old City Kitchen & Bar.

The Theme

The great thing about basing your restaurant on the city of Jerusalem is that the city itself is so hard to pin down. There are influences from all over Asia, North Africa and Europe combining together to create something new and interesting. You can see this in the design too. The floral patterns used on the tops of the large sprawling tables recall a Mediterranean kind of vibe. But at the same time, the bar exudes 20th century European elegance at its finest. This is aided by the saxophonist delivering us tunes.

The Atmosphere

All in all, the atmosphere here is very laid back and informal. The music helps to create chill out vibe, and the place has been designed for ease of access and simplicity. It’s often the case that functionality in a space like this makes the customer experience even better than it would otherwise be. It’s the kind of space that has been built to be informal and relaxed as well.

Community is a big focus inside Old City Kitchen & Bar as well. The traditional family unit is important in places like Jerusalem, and families often dine together, eating large meals. This is the kind of ethos and spirit that has clearly been carried through to the design of the restaurant. And you can feel it in the atmosphere and emotion that the restaurant creates, even at its most busy times. The place is alway teeming with life, and that kind of atmosphere is only encouraged by the design itself.


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