Nantucket Kitchen & Bar: a sense of home in the west of Brisbane

The homely feel that’s been loving recreated inside Nantucket Kitchen & Bar makes it unique among restaurant designs. Very rarely do you walk into a restaurant’s dining space and feel like you’re entering someone’s home, but that’s exactly how you feel here. It’s a bold move, and the designers in charge of things here manage to pull it off for the most part. It could have gone badly wrong, so credit is due to Round Peg Design, the company responsible for the design.

First Impressions

The contrast between the walls and the floor add something new and interesting to the space. The walls are all white, while the floors contrast with the use of deep, dark wood. This variation in the colour scheme really works well because it balances out the look of the space, and stops it looking uniform and dull. The green seating options in the space match the natural green photography and art found lining the walls and various points. This adds that splash of colour that’s so often needed when the rest of the space is mainly black and white.

The Layout and Design Choices

Making use of a very open space gives Nantucket Kitchen & Bar a communal, which in turn makes the restaurant a place you actually want to spend time. This is a style that is increasingly popular, but it’s rarely done as well as it’s done here. You can enjoy a quiet and relaxing meal or drink in this establishment with no problems at all, so you needn’t be put off by these layout decisions. It’s informal enough to allow every visitor to experience it in the way that best suits them. For customers, that matters a lot.

The link to nature is something that the restaurant’s designers were clearly trying to emphasise. The vibrant greens can’t help but catch your eye when you walk in, and there are many examples of natural art and photos on the wall to further emphasise the restaurant’s theme. It lends the restaurant coherence, which is one of the most underrated things a restaurant or bar can possess. Without a coherent design, the restaurant wouldn’t appeal to punters the way it does. It helps it to feel complete and alluring. There’s even a rustic fireplace at the far end of the dining area, making it feel yet more authentic and real.

Experience a Relaxed and Comfortable Evening Out

There are also conference facilities to be found in the restaurant. This shows the level of diversity on offer that you don’t always find in establishments such as these. Even if you just want to eat or get a drink, though, you can expect a dining experience to remember when you head to Nantucket Kitchen & Bar. As long as you’re open to its relaxed and opening environment, you’re sure to have a good time and a positive experience.

Comfort is also a big deal at Nantucket Kitchen & Bar. You have a wide range of seating options that you can choose between when you arrive. From plush upholstered benches to dark wood chairs complete with bright green cushions; in terms of seating, the restaurant has everything you could ask for. These add some added modernity to the look and feel of the dining space too.


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