Hunter & Barrel: the perfect balance between rustic and modern

Authenticity is a big deal at Hunter & Barrel. It’s the kind of restaurant in which the rustic is celebrated at every turn. And the owners clearly take pride in the detailed design that they’ve put in place for the restaurant. The overall design of the restaurant is centred around a cabin style. It’s taken that classic appearance and put a new and modern spin on it. That’s the instant impression you get when you step inside Hunter & Barrel, and it’s no bad thing. The design is both spacious and functional, but that doesn’t mean corners have been cut when it comes to the design.

An Authentic Yet Modern Restaurant

It’s clear to see just how much work has been put into making Hunter & Barrel the restaurant it is today. Taking charge of the design process was One Design Office. Every aspect of the process was overseen by them. That includes the architectural planning and the smallest of details. It just goes to show that you sometimes need an outside voice to best articulate the ethos of the business and what it wants to achieve. Despite the strong focus on authenticity and rustic elements inside the restaurant, it remains thoroughly modern. You never feel like you’re stepping back in time when you enter the restaurant.

The Style and Design

The designers have achieved a finish that is stunning to behold. Wood plays a big part in this as you’d expect because of the cabin style that they were aiming for. The way in which wood is used to create different patterns and styles within the design itself is particularly impressive. It manages to never overdo the wood theme inside the restaurant, though. This is helped by the fact that all the seats are made from high-quality leather that offers real comfort to users. It contrasts nicely with the wood used throughout the rest of the design.

One Design Office even came up with the restaurant’s logo branding. It can be seen clearly in the back of a booth seating area. The deer design is appropriate for the overall theme overall design of the restaurant itself. You’re never far away from a heavy dose of creativity when you’re inside Hunter & Barrel, though.

It’s the kind of place that is oozing with ideas and small design choices that you don’t even pick up on at first sight. For example, barrels are used in different ways to add to the style and make the space even more intricate and intelligently designed. Antlers are also hung up in the restaurant. There are other natural aspects, such as branches and greenery, that help to bring the outdoors indoors. It’s a design that keeps on giving as you uncover new depths to it.

A Welcoming and Vibrant Atmosphere

The atmosphere is always buzzing and lively inside Hunter & Barrel. And that can be directly linked back to the design choices that have been made. This is a modern restaurant with a young and vibrant crowd of diners that turn up night after night. The comfortable furnishings, sleek design and all-round interesting aesthetic make this restaurant one to check out and learn more about from first-hand experience.


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