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The Spanish flavours at Hermosa shine through in their decor, which combines fiery, traditional passion with a touch of modern Australia. Not long open, the restaurant opened its doors in winter 2017, with the masterminds behind Olé at the helm. Hermosa is set within the Westfield Chermside shopping centre, providing a spacious and lively space for shoppers or just passersby to eat. It might be one of a number of eateries in the large food complex, but it’s certainly one of the most stylish options diners can choose. The bright space offers a vibrant atmosphere, ideal for any meal of the day or just a few drinks at the bar.

Contemporary Twist on Tradition

A restaurant serving traditional Spanish flavours with a modern Australian twist needs an interior to match the menu. Hermosa has a sleek design that combines Spanish flair with contemporary Australian touches. Everything is simple, with strong lines and a combination of natural wood and stone with black accents. In terms of colour, the food is left to do almost all the talking. Head straight to the bar if you prefer to bask in its stone backdrop, complemented by the medium-dark wood of the bar itself.

Bright and Airy, With a Warm Touch

In a busy restaurant, it’s always best when everything feels spacious and airy. Hermosa is so open that diners can watch their food being cooked in the kitchen. With a focus on clean design mixed with a touch of Spanish flair, the restaurant doesn’t feel cluttered. The addition of plants adds some life and a natural element to the interiors. Although the space is light and airy, there is a warm touch, with warm wooden tables and dark chairs and booths. Soft and warm lighting makes both the restaurant and anyone in it look good.

Vibrant Atmosphere

The atmosphere at Hermosa is perfect for fun with friends. The lively space is designed for sharing, with tables just waiting to be crammed with ten different tapas plates. The open kitchen only adds to the energy, allowing diners to see the organised chaos of what goes on behind the scenes. The restaurant is ideal for events, with space for up to 60 guests for any function. The warm ambience makes the restaurant a great place for a social night out, a friendly lunch, or even an energising breakfast.

Artistic Passion and Flare

Artistic touches throughout the restaurant give it plenty of personality and enhance its Spanish identity. The restaurant’s name in lights at the entrance is surrounded by cacti and succulents for a fun combination of natural and artificial. Along one wall of the restaurant, there is a mural featuring a fiery Spanish woman, with more images of passionate flamenco dancers throughout the space. Traditional tiles accent the walls too for a further taste of Spain with a contemporary twist.

Hermosa creates a perfect blend of old-world Spain and modern-day Australia. The darks and lights of the interiors reflect these two concepts and the quirky touches create a vibrant and invitingly warm space.


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